Mashable interviews cannabis farmer Jim Belushi and a few others about a strain known as Gulzar Afghanica Belushi calls “the smell of SNL.” There’s lots more reminiscing as well.

  • Jim Belushi, “Everybody would drive across the border [from Illinois to Indiana] and comb up and down these corn fields at night and look for marijuana growing wild. It was called Indiana ragweed. When I went, we just pulled all the weeds, because we didn’t even know what it looked like. We brought it home and dried it and smoked it and got sick. We didn’t even know about buds. We were cooking the leaves in water.”
  • Journalist Bob Woodward from his book “Wired: The Short Life & Fast Times of John Belushi:” “In the fall of 1969… John announced he hated alcohol and that anybody who drank was “straight.” He introduced [then college girlfriend, later wife] Judy to marijuana. They would put masking tape and wet towels around the door of the girl’s dormitory and smoke pot for hours, listening to rock groups like Led Zeppelin…”

Quick Hits

  1. In his column, Ngaio Bealum asked big questions about weed and religion.
  2. Cops busted the country’s only magic mushroom “church,” Oakland’s Zide Door Church of Entheogenic Plants. Also, medical psychedelics company Field Trip Health has an app to guide users on trips
  3. Madonna celebrated her birthday, with weed.