This is the year licensed Canadian cannabis really goes outdoors. In the first year after Health Canada began licensing growers for outdoor cultivation, the 450 total licensed outdoor acres have already surpassed the 350 licensed indoor acres. To date, 46 LPs are licensed to grow outdoors, while 70 companies are waiting for licenses. The price makes it worthwhile–outdoor growing can be measured in cents per gram.
BNN Bloomberg, GrowthOp

  • As Canada moves toward more outdoor growing, analysts expect an October supply shift during “Croptober,” during which outdoor producers harvest their crops.
  • Only two years ago, various LPs lobbied the Senate to keep outdoor growing illegal. Then-Canopy co-CEO Bruce Linton decried security risks related to outdoor growing, calling it “unregulatable” and “the dumbest thing you’ll let us do.”
    The Leaf / Wayback Machine