WeedWeek business columnist Dan Mitchell talked to some smart folks like BDSA (formerly BDS Analytics) CEO Roy Bingham, Poseidon Asset Management managing director Michael Boniello and Measure 8 Venture Partners portfolio manager Justin Ort about the industry’s road back to health:

“Insiders predict it will become more consolidated, more “corporate,” and more disciplined. Some think this will make for a healthier industry. “Everything that was happening before the pandemic is being accelerated,” Roy Bingham, CEO of cannabis-data firm BDSA, formerly BDS Analytics, said. That means more mergers and acquisitions, more companies folding or being snapped up by bigger outfits, and the larger companies expanding their market share.”

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Quick Hit

  1. In a cover story for the East Bay Express, Mitchell looked at the scammers promoting cannabis as a cure for Covid-19.