The lower chamber of Mexico’s legislature voted to legalize, paving the way for the world’s largest REC market.

  • While the bill’s merits for good governance and the country’s economy are disputed, legalization presents a significant business opportunity for domestic and international firms.
  • I spoke to Emily Paxhia, managing partner at investment firm Poseidon Asset Management, about what to expect as the Mexican industry revs up.
  • In a week which brought big news that MSO Curaleaf is expanding into Europe, Mexico is a very different situation. “Europe is a smaller market and we have to think very sensibly about the cost to manufacture and distribute.” Paxhia said. “I’m very interested in Latin America [Columbia and Mexico in particular] and how they can contribute to the global supply chain.”

Make a run for the border.

Meanwhile, Politico suggests being sandwiched by legal countries will increase pressure on President Biden to follow suit. Unlike most prominent Democrats, he has not endorsed legalization.