A Canadian company called Microdelics is selling what it says is the world’s first kit for microdosing LSD. They start at C$50.
Double Blind

  • The kits come with “a little blue bottle containing 100 micrograms of 1P-LSD “a derivative and functional analogue of LSD.”
  •  1-propionyl lysergic acid diethylamide, or 1P-LSD, is structurally similar, but not identical, to the original molecule. While the exact mechanisms of its action are not yet understood, it’s possible that 1P-LSD is a “prodrug” of LSD—meaning that it could convert to LSD in the body.”
  • “Because of its subtle molecular differences, 1P-LSD bypasses prohibition in places like Canada, occupying a kind of legal grey area where regular LSD may otherwise be illegal.”

Quick Hit

  1. Seventy three year old actor Brian Cox, has been dumped as the patron of an elderly center in Scotland after he said getting high is “wonderful.
    The Mirror