A study by Ello Capital determined Canada’s largest LPs average less than a year’s worth of cash left. Aurora has less than three months of cash left, and Canopy has less than eight.

  • Canopy disputed this accounting and said if cash-equivalents and marketable securities were included, they’d have more than twice as much.
  • Ello Capital concluded Tilray had 3.7 months’ worth of cash left, The Green Organic Dutchman had 3.9 months’ worth, and Hexo had 6.5 months’ worth.
    Twitter—Max Cherney

Ello CEO Hershel Gerson said LPs will have to raise capital or merge, though investors are still willing to put money into the right deals.

Quick Hits

  1. A Saskatoon doctor who wrote an impressive 1,000 MED prescriptions in six weeks in 2017 will be fined $24,000 for professional misconduct.
    Saskatoon Star-Phoenix
  2. Aleafia Chief Medical Officer and MED advocate Dr. Michael Verbora reported witnessing a hospitalized child who needed CBD oil for treatment-resistant epilepsy could not get any because hospitals do not stock MED products.
    Twitter—Michael Verbora