After five out of five states voted to legalize MED and/or REC, the big question now is whether it will be enough to break the stand-off over pot reform in Washington D.C.:

  • The Democrat-controlled House of Representatives is set to vote on the MORE Act this year. If enacted, it would decriminalize cannabis nationwide and enable states to legalize at their own pace. Worried it would hurt them at the polls, House Democrats cancelled a pre-election vote on the bill, a decision that doesn’t necessarily look smart in hindsight.
  • While the bill faces an uphill battle in the Senate, Sen. Pat Toomey (R), who will chair the banking committee if Republicans maintain control of the upper chamber, described himself as “sympathetic” to banking reform.
  • Business Insider anticipates a wave of industry M&A (paywall).
  • Despite reassurances, decriminalization and federal cannabis record expungements were left out of President-Elect Joe Biden’s racial equity transition plan.
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  • Nineteen state cannabis regulators formed a non-partisan group to share policy information.
  • Bloomberg asks if weed can help Biden unite a divided nation?

Edibles sales appear to have climbed in the stressful weeks leading up to the election. Now Canndescent CEO Adrian Sedlin anticipates strong holiday sales “for all the wrong reasons,” i.e. everyone’s stressed and bored.
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