Canopy announced the long-awaited launch of its REC beverage line, with the first cases of Tweed Houndstooth & Soda shipping to Quebec’s SQDC on Thursday, March 12. (The company did not say whether or how they solved the problem of aluminum can-liners leaching out cannabinoids.)
Press Release, Twitter–Crystal Cannabis

  • Canopy has staked much of its future on the success of its beverage portfolio, and when I interviewed ousted co-founder/CEO Bruce Linton for the upcoming WeedWeek Ontario Report, he told me he still believes REC beverages will reshape cannabis consumption.
  • Cannaylst Craig “GoBlueCdn” Wiggins determined each can of Houndstooth & Soda (containing 2.0 mg THC) will cost $5.45 after taxes (shipping is an additional $5). Consumers can buy a five cans (total 10mg THC) for $24.25 (shipping not included). Since Canadians can only legally carry 2.1 litres of REC beverage at any time, one commentator suggested it was worth buying six.
    Twitter–GoBlueCdn, Aaron W. Anderson
  • By comparison, consumers can buy 100mg 1o-packs of 10mg edibles for under $20.

In January, the Ontario Cannabis Store recorded $569,000 worth of edibles and $3.8M worth of vape products sold via wholesale and online channels.
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  • In a poll undertaken for Organigram, half of non-cannabis-consumers said they’d try edibles if they had enough information about effect, potency, and ingredients. Respondents also said 5 mg THC per edibles serving was ideal.
    Financial Post
  • Vape products are moving, though slower than some retailers expected (see this thread for more). In BC, this may be due to the additional 20% vape tax that makes legal pens even more expensive than other forms of REC.
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