Two youths found unconscious in Milton, Ontario, after smoking what bystanders believed was cannabis were actually smoking synthetic cannabinoids—which they purchased from a head shop that had labelled them as the psychotropic herb salvia. (Both are illegal in Canada.)
CBC Toronto

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  1. Saskatchewan is the only province in which all REC retail—even wholesale and online—is private. It is the only province in which cannabis may be sold direct from an LP’s warehouse without having to pass through a provincial wholesaler. Retailer Fire and Flower hopes to capitalize on the province’s lax regulations and implement same-day delivery operated out of its wholesale centre.
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  2. Anyone (except those in Quebec, Manitoba, and Nunavut) can join in the 4 Plants Cup, a cross-country contest for the best homegrown cannabis. It’s a low-rent event driven by the shared love of home growing. Competitors will be split into professional growers and amateurs.
    The Leaf
  3. The Leaf debuted a web-based explorer to show consumers which REC products are produced by which LPs.