Various experts warn the legalization of extracts, topicals, and ingestibles will, will strain a supply chain that’s only just beginning to stabilize itself.
Financial Post

  • Lawyer Trina Fraser warns the vast majority of companies have zero experience producing any of the coming products, which in Canada have only been available on the grey market.
  • Auxly Cannabis CEO (and Canopy co-founder) Chuck Rifici said, “We’ve made a very conscious effort to delay revenue” by stockpiling products ahead of Legalization 2.0.
  • Compounding the coming problem is the limited number of extraction facilities, which are widely believed to be heading toward a bottleneck, as companies like Valens GroWorks have been warning for several months now.
  • Contrary to Deloitte’s predictions, Rifici—and Aphria interim CEO Irwin Simon—are betting on vape pens, and Valens is offering white-label (ready-to-be-branded) vape pens in 196 different options.

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  1. Lisa Campbell, of Lifford Cannabis and the newly established Cannabis Beverage Producers Alliance, said she wanted to see cannabis beverages treated equally to alcoholic beverages, and called the Health Canada requirement of a second site for all cannabis-related production the biggest obstacle for the cannabis beverage sector.
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  2. Trying to figure out whether that cannabis promotion you’re planning is Health Canada compliant? There’s a flowchart for that now, courtesy of cannabis brand manager Rachel Colic and lawyer Chad Finklestein.
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