Credible sources keep advancing interest in the medical value of illegal drugs:

  • NPR‘s Terry Gross spoke to psychiatrist Dr. Julie Holland on the potential to treat severe depression with psychedelics. 
  • “There are certain plant medicines in particular — things like psilocybin or ayahuasca — that really help people not only explore their personal trauma,” Holland says, but also [experience] “this feeling of unity and connection. People really come away from these experiences having a new perspective.”
  • The CDC’s National Center for Injury Prevention and Control was deluged with comments on MED and the medical value of kratom, a plant indigenous to southeast Asia.
    Marijuana Moment
  • Cyclica, a Toronto start-up using AI to discover new psychedelics-based medicines, raised $17M.
    Business Insider
  • The U.S. Department of Defense (!) is investing $27M in psychedelic drug discovery.
    Marijuana Moment

On the other hand, a consortium of consumer groups asked lawmakers to reject calls to legalize CBD as a dietary supplement or ingredient in food products.