Aurora reported a net loss of $1.3B for Q2, on the heels of last week’s news it had laid off 15% of its workforcetaken $1B in writedowns, and accepted the resignation of founder/CEO Terry Booth.
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  • Revenue fell 25% quarter-over-quarter, from Q1’s $75.6M to the past quarter’s $56.6M.
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  • Wholesale revenues declined 77% to $2.4M, while EBITDA [earnings before interest, taxes, depreciation, and amortization] loss doubled from $39.7M to $80.2M, quarter over quarter.

Aurora‘s interim CEO Michael Singer told BNN Bloomberg, “I would never say we made mistakes. The decisions we made in the past made sense at that time, but the market has changed. ”
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  • Singer said there were no plans for any more layoffs, and any capital the company spends needs to show value.

Aurora’s products are expensive at a time when consumers want cheaper REC.

Terry Booth explained his departure by saying, “It’s time for more of a button-up CEO, not a growth CEO. […] You really need to have someone with their eye on the ball for positive EBITDA.”
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As part of his compensation deal, Booth is entitled to two years’ worth of his base salary of $525,000 plus cash bonus, etc.
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CEOs from the consumer packaged goods sector are interested in taking over Singer’s position, regardless of Aurora’s last year of struggle.