What brands need to know about Delta-8 THC

By Alex Halperin
Jul 12, 2021

I wrote a story for MJ Brand Insights about why the new intoxicating cannabinoid Delta-8 THC could pose a serious threat to the licensed industry.

  • Delta-8, which can be purchased in head shops and convenience stores in states where Delta-9 is illegal, is manufactured from CBD via a chemical process. This is a potential safety hazard since no one knows what chemicals manufacturers are using. And the products aren’t tested. 
  • Also, a similar process can be used to make Delta-9 THC from CBD. In Washington state, pot farmers are furious that some manufacturers appear to be sourcing their Delta-9 from CBD, and state regulators are allowing it to happen. 
  • Kim Stuck, a former Denver cannabis regulator who’s now CEO of compliance consultancy Allay, said, “They didn’t just legalize a plant, they legalized endless possibilities.”

Read the whole thing.

Chemists are also worried about the Delta-8 craze.
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