Weed and work: The new rules

By Alex Halperin
Sep 30, 2021
They're high AF

A column in The Wall Street Journal explores the new rules of cannabis at work. While questions like ‘Is it ever OK to get stoned with a colleague?’ are moot for many WeedWeek readers, choice nugs abound.

The Man is a bit groovier than he used to be. A few takeaways from behind the paywall:

  • Companies seem more willing to acknowledge the likelihood that an applicant has tried cannabis in the past, even been an enthusiast.
  • …But they may still require a drug test.
  • Don’t expect to get high around heavy machinery.  
  • “Greater workplace acceptance…can also mean having to listen to co-workers share details of their pot habits.”
  • HR shop Vangst, PR shop Mattio Communications and probably lots of other places, have hosted stony digital bonding sessions for employees.   
  • Involving cannabis in work life “can be a more loaded proposition for people of color.”