Safe-Reach maximizes dispensary advertising ROI

By WeedWeek
Mar 28, 2022
Provided by Safe Reach

Behind cannabis growth is the acquisition and retention of an engaged customer base. Specializing in customer acquisition, Safe-Reach helps brands attract and retain high quality users, and measure effectiveness of marketing dollars across multiple touchpoints, campaigns, channels and creative.

Focused on compliant ad delivery on platforms and networks that support Cannabis advertising, Safe-Reach has worked with the top eCommerce solutions in Cannabis to bridge the gap in tools and services available in the non-cannabis CPG world to bring them into the Cannabis world.

Where others see obstacles, Safe-Reach saw objectives. “Simple is harder than complex, but our goal has been to demystify the cannabis marketing narrative and show the correlation between descriptive, diagnostic, predictive, and prescriptive marketing data to create a full picture that informs decision making and marketing strategy.”  

Nomad synthesizes marketing and point-of-sales data to help clients understand how their marketing dollars translate into attributable results; by helping customers visualize and understand the customer journey, and trends – and how prospects and regular customers move through the sales cycle as a direct result of media. As a direct result, our clients can correlate purchase behavior against top-line metrics, all through a single interface.

Nomad provides retailers, brands, agencies and media buyers the ability to analyze and act on their unstructured data by removing the noise and focusing attention on key insights. Our clients have a deep desire to learn, but just didn’t know where to start, due to the landscape of tools available to aid in accessibility we’re virtually nonexistent. Our goal is to continue to make it easier for our clients to leverage advanced analytic models and remove the barriers between machine and human so that any user from the boardroom, accounting office, marketing department or retail operations can understand the real impact of marketing.

Nomad helps marketers and agencies be held accountable to demonstrate a direct return on investment from their marketing dollars, optimize channel spend to drive sales, and accurately assign credit to a user journey.

“Cannabis Marketing isn’t hard in terms of finding publishers and platforms that are willing to run your ads. The challenge is making sense of that investment against your businesses bottom line and key KPI’s. Modern technology allows for data to be available simply and on demand – we built modern technology so that modern operators can focus on operating without a black cloud of mystery with what their ad dollars or doing and how to evolve their ad strategy for paid media.”  –  Adam Schlett, Co-Founder.

Safe-Reach works in every medical and adult use state in the US and has a mastery of integrating with the most commonly used eCommerce systems in Cannabis. Reach out today to speak with our team. CONTACT US.