Pennsylvania recall a warning bell for cannabiz

By Alex Halperin
Feb 8, 2022

Pennsylvania has recalled hundreds of vape SKUs on grounds that they contain “added ingredients” that aren’t approved for inhalation by the FDA. 

  • The list of hundreds of additives includes numerous widely-used ingredients, such as added terpenes, which have not been a matter of dispute in other states. 
  • In November, the state health department requested information from companies on the additives in their products. 

“What the state is trying to do here is not a thing,” said Meredith Buettner, executive director of the Pennsylvania Cannabis Coalition, which represents growers and dispensary owners.
Pittsburgh City Paper

  • Buettner said the FDA does not approve these types of additives for vaporization. “The state is trying to apply a standard that does not exist,” says Buettner.
  • Here’s the list of more than 650 recalled products, which includes SKUs from several MSOs.
  • A lawyer from firm Leech Tishman said the recall “is likely to have widespread operational and financial ripple effects.”

The vape crisis of 2019, in which people fell gravely ill and dozens died, after vaping, appears to have been overwhelmingly (if not completely) tied to chemicals used on the illegal market.

Bottom line: If other states follow Pennsylvania, it could cause a great deal of disruption for vape companies.