New Delta-8 THC Syrup: ACTIV-8

By WeedWeek
Mar 22, 2021

As you may have noticed, the cannabis industry is constantly evolving and brands are getting more innovative. The intoxicating cannabinoid Delta-8 THC became an option for consumers several years ago. Most of the delta-8 THC available on the market is derived from the hemp plant.

One brand that is taking the market by storm, Activ-8, has released a familiar, yet fun way to indulge in Delta-8 THC. Offering a sweet blend of flavor and consistency, Activ-8 D8 Syrup is the perfect companion for your favorite carbonated drink. Ideal for any setting, you can chill and sip up or enjoy it dancing at a party with friends. Activ-8 is a great option for anyone looking to socialize in a party environment, who wants that THC vibe instead of alcohol. Activ-8 creates an uplifting feeling that will enhance your mood and leave a great taste in your mouth.   

This delta-8 product is manufactured using non-encapsulation technology, allowing cannabinoids to pass directly into the bloodstream. The best part about this is, you’ll feel the effects within minutes, not hours, MINUTES! Activ-8’s blend of flavor and D8 THC is a great way to kick off your night or to wrap it up! 

Each 4oz bottle has two servings and includes a measuring cup to make sure you get exactly what you want.  Single packs come with Activ-8 foam double cups for mixing with your favorite beverage. Activ-8 is the perfect alternative for anyone who is tired of gummies or other traditional THC consumption methods. 

“It gives euphoric feeling, a happy feeling.” – Taz, Smoking Legal, YouTube. 

Activ-8 boasts 98% hemp Delta-8 THC and is packed full of flavor, leaving you thirsty for sip, after sip…. after sip. Currently, Activ-8 comes in both Grape and Cherry flavors. Keep an eye out for additional flavors! 

Activ-8 THC Syrup is now available at activ8d8.com

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