Leafly prevails in Florida e-commerce suit

By Alex Halperin
Oct 28, 2021
Delivery is coming
This guy can order from Leafly again Photo by DelRay77 via

Leafly and similar sites will be able to resume contracting with Florida MED companies to provide online ordering services, an administrative judge ruled.

Earlier this year, state health officials blocked Leafly from offering the service on grounds that it violated a state law banning operators from contracting for services “directly related to the cultivation, processing and dispensing” of cannabis.

  • Leafly argued it is not engaged in such services since it does not accept payment or distribute product. 
  • Judge Suzanne Van Wyk ordered the state to stop enforcing the policy.
  • Leafly, in partnership with Jane Technologies had been a significant ordering platform in the state, the country’s largest MED-only market. 
  • WeedWeek previously discussed how the partnership works.