Leading execs talk tough at retreat

By Alex Halperin
Oct 14, 2021
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This week a group called Trailblazers hosted a small, elite conference in Ojai, Calif.

Jackie Bryant filed two dispatches for The Dales Report. Read both if you want to sound smart at the cattle call in Vegas next week. 

Dispatch one focuses on the California market and how its wrestling with oversupply.

  • “This is capitalism,” Kyle Kazan, co-founder and CEO of Glass House Brands/Farms said. “Truthfully, we expected this to happen earlier.” 

  • “It sucks for the whole supply chain, but the ones that are really going to feel that in the near-term are cultivators,” Matt Hawkins, interim CEO of Harborside and Managing Partner at Entourage Effect Capital said. 

Bryant’s second piece summarizes a panel she ran called “Wall Street All-Stars.”

  • They debate the likelihood of banking reform passing Congress without an equity component. “The sentiment from the Street is that the Democrats are screwing up by insisting on social equity,” Bryant writes.