Former MedMen execs give “damning testimony” in court

By Alex Halperin
Nov 4, 2021
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Testimony by former MedMen executives reportedly backed claims made by former CFO James Parker in a wrongful termination suit against the company.

  • Parker claims he resigned over his fears of committing a crime and a toxic work environment. MedMen argues he quit on his own accord and broke his contract.
  • According to Green Market Report, citing a paywalled Law360 story, Former COO Barry Fischetto said he told co-founder Andrew Modlin that he “wasn’t going to jail for him’ when asked about potentially moving cannabis plants to Nevada, and that Modlin was not happy about his answer.”
  • Fischetto reportedly “told the jury he was certain MenMen’s co-founder and former CEO Adam Bierman called [former CFO] Parker a ‘pussy’ when Parker raised concerns about the company potentially breaking the law by accepting credit card payments.”
  • He also said he heard Modlin use the word “retard” at least “a thousand times.”
  • A former recruit director also supported Parker’s claim of offensive language by Modlin and former CEO Adam Bierman.
  • After departing MedMen under a cloud, Modlin and Bierman rejoined the industry. Last month they sued their new partners.
  • The company releases quarterly earnings on Tuesday.

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