Talking Points: Flower Co. co-founder Ted Lichtenberger

By Alex Halperin
Sep 9, 2021

When it comes to delivery services, Californians are spoiled for choice. But it can be tough to differentiate between them. Flower Company aims to set itself apart by selling legal product for legacy market prices. And a look at the company’s site suggests it has figured out how. 

From what I could tell, eighths of the most coveted brands generally sell for less on Flower Co. than at top competitors like Eaze and Emjay. But its house brands sell for way less. Ounces for $99 abound and some cost as little as $59. 

Here’s a price comparison provided by Flower Co. While actual prices may vary, they held up pretty well to my brief, and very informal audit:

Co-founder Ted Lichtenberger said the model appeals to a wide swath of “replenishment buyers” who want a good nose, and bag appeal but don’t need the rarified strains offered by premium brands.  

  • Prices still have room to fall, though California’s cultivation taxes create a price floor. Pot prices are “Crazy high compared with other agricultural commodities,” he said. 
  • Falling wholesale prices, he said, haven’t hit indoor growers as hard as their outdoor counterparts.
  • Going forward he sees “going vertical” as key to maintaining low prices since it offers some protection from market volatility.
  • One way it cuts down on price is by offering overnight, rather than on-demand, delivery. 

In addition to prices, Flower Co. strives to offer fresher flower than competitors, less than 30-days since testing.