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First fentanyl-laced weed case confirmed

By Alex Halperin
Nov 18, 2021

Long the subject of scare stories, Connecticut authorities are reporting what they believe to be the first confirmed case of fentanyl-laced cannabis.

  • According to the New England HIDTA, between July and October there were 39 cases of patients who exhibited symptoms of opioid overdose but denied using opioids.
  • Several of the more recent cases were in Plymouth, Conn. The state has not yet opened its REC market.
  • It’s not clear who mixed the compounds or why. 
  • Chris Roberts writes: “As with fentanyl-tainted cocaine and methamphetamine, there are myriad explanations for how and why this could happen, ranging from the nefarious to the extremely dumb.”

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  • U.S. fatal opioid ODs surpassed 100,000 in the yearlong period ending April 2021, a grim record.
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