Empowering Cannabis Entrepreneurs with Scalable Financial Solutions

By WeedWeek
Jun 25, 2024

Your Cannabis Banking Journey Starts Here

Safe Harbor Financial — the pioneers of cannabis banking — have been providing specialized financial services to the cannabis industry since 2015, in partnership with chartered financial institutions coast to coast. Together, we connect cannabis operators with comprehensive banking solutions tailored to meet the unique needs of their businesses, including interest-bearing accounts, treasury services, and even credit facilities. We’ve charted the course — now let us guide you to safe passage through the murky waters of cannabis financial services.

Explore our comprehensive cannabis banking solutions and discover how Safe Harbor Financial can support your business’s growth and success. Your cannabis banking journey starts here.

Lending Solutions

Access to capital is often a significant hurdle for cannabis entrepreneurs. Traditional banks and financial institutions are often hesitant to lend to cannabis businesses due to regulatory uncertainties. At Safe Harbor Financial, we understand these challenges and have developed specialized cannabis lending programs to bridge this gap.

Our lending solutions are tailored to meet the specific needs of cannabis operators, providing flexible terms and competitive rates. Our Small Business Line of Credit Program, recently launched, offers up to $500,000 in credit lines to help businesses manage cash flow, invest in growth opportunities, and handle day-to-day operations. This program is designed to support small and mid-sized businesses that are often overlooked by traditional lenders.

“We’re pleased to be able to offer our longstanding clients access to lines of credit at reasonable terms, an opportunity that is often not readily available to cannabis businesses,” stated Sundie Seefried, CEO of Safe Harbor Financial. This commitment to accessible financing underscores our dedication to supporting the cannabis ecosystem and fostering industry growth.

Treasury Services

Effective treasury management is essential for maintaining financial health and optimizing cash flow. Safe Harbor Financial offers a comprehensive suite of treasury services designed to meet the unique needs of cannabis businesses. Our cannabis banking solutions include cash management, payment processing, and bank accounts services that help businesses streamline operations and improve financial efficiency.

Our cash management services are designed to handle the complexities of high-cash operations, providing secure and efficient ways to manage funds. From cash pickup and delivery to secure vault services, we ensure that your cash is handled safely and efficiently.

Payment processing is another critical aspect of our treasury services. Our partners provide solutions that enable cannabis businesses to process payments seamlessly, reducing the reliance on cash transactions and improving security. Our services include ACH transfers, wire transfers, and cashless payment solutions, all designed to facilitate smooth financial operations.

Interest-Bearing Accounts

At Safe Harbor Financial, we believe that your money should work as hard as you do. Interest-bearing accounts are designed to help cannabis businesses grow their funds while maintaining liquidity. These accounts offer competitive interest rates, providing a reliable and steady return on your deposits.

Our interest-bearing accounts are tailored to the needs of cannabis operators, offering features such as easy access to funds, flexible terms, and robust security measures. Whether you are looking to save for future investments or manage day-to-day expenses, our accounts provide the financial flexibility and security you need.

Investing in an interest-bearing account with Safe Harbor Financial means that your funds are not just sitting idle; they are actively working to support your business’s growth. The earned interest can be reinvested into your operations, helping you achieve your financial goals faster.

Your Cannabis Banking Journey Starts Here

Safe Harbor Financial is a financial technology company, not a bank. Banking services are provided by our partner financial institutions: Partner Colorado Credit Union, Arvada, CO (Member NCUA), Five Star Bank, Warsaw, NY (Member FDIC), and Pacific Valley Bank, Salinas, CA (Member FDIC). Please note that certain non-deposit products and services offered by Safe Harbor Financial and its partners are not covered by FDIC or NCUA insurance. See your account agreements for more information. Lending not available in all markets.