Dispatches from the “Super Bowl of weed”

By Alex Halperin
Sep 27, 2021
Hall of Flowers, September 2019, Santa Rosa, CA

Last week’s Hall of Flowers conference in Sonoma County, Calif., marked the return of high profile industry events.

Industry types appreciate the intense business focus and consumption-friendly atmosphere, which makes some consider the B2B conference the “super bowl of weed.” After so much time apart, it’s also a good time to gauge how the cannabiz is feeling:

MJBiz reporter John Schroyer described the tone as “optimism mixed with realism.

  • While post-pandemic sales are strong, the industry remains frustrated by the world’s largest market. 
  • Concerns include competition from the illegal market, the collapse of the wholesale flower market and an “ultra-ultra competitive” market for brands. 
  • Allie Greenstone, a sales rep for house of brands Bellrock said the pressure to consolidate forces the industry to “lose its soul.”
  • These issues didn’t stop Respect My Region‘s correspondent from having a blast.

Hall of Flowers will have an “experience” alongside MJBizCon in Vegas next month and a standalone December conference in Palm Springs, Calif. 

  • The event is put on by media entrepreneur and internet personality Gary Vaynerchuk.

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