Curaleaf goes small with Farmer’s Select

By Alex Halperin
Jul 21, 2022
Curaleaf has partnered with Delighted Farms (Courtesy: Curaleaf )

MSO Curaleaf, parent of brand Select, has launched a Farmer’s Select Program, a series of limited collaborations with legacy farmers and other unique California operators. (Disclosure: Curaleaf is a client of WeedWeek advertiser Mattio.)

CuraLeaf’s new CEO Matt Darin, and Josh Pritchard, founder and CEO of Delighted Farms, responded to emailed questions about their collaboration. Here are their responses, edited for length and content.

WeedWeek: How are these partnerships structured? 

Matt Darin: They typically begin with our team reaching out to and meeting with licensed legacy farmers. Once a relationship is formed, we purchase a sample from the farm for analysis by a certified third-party lab. Following approval of the sample, our team works with the farmers to harvest and flash-freeze the whole flower. It is then processed into live resin and formulated to match the terpene profile from cultivar to concentrate. 

WW: What does Curaleaf do for their partners?

MD: Our Farmer’s Select partners are provided with as much assistance as they need, whether that be on the cultivation and processing side or promotionally through marketing and PR. We understand that small farms have varying levels of marketing and sales teams, so we aim to bridge the gap by providing them with as much exposure and support as possible.

WW: How is the program going so far?

MD: Fantastically! The Farmer’s Select program shows what we can do when our industry values community and collaboration over competition. Select’s first collaboration with Sonoma Hills Farm sold out in under two weeks. 

How does Curaleaf envision expanding this program?

MD: Our long-term goal is to launch one Farmer’s Select collaboration per month. In fact, we encourage other farmers who are interested to reach out to our CA Ops team led by Jayne Fiscus!

Does Curaleaf ever see this program contributing meaningfully to the top line and how?

MD: Our primary focus with Farmer’s Select is to reaffirm our commitment to creating an equitable cannabis industry where everyone can participate. That said, we do see the program contributing to the top line as both Farmer’s Select collaborations have sold out much faster than anticipated.

Josh Pritchard:

WeedWeek: Who’s the leadership of your company and how many employees do you have?

  • Josh Pritchard, Founder/CEO. Started growing cannabis in 2008, also worked in tech, most recently running data analytics at Slack.
  • Kevin Crouch, Director of Cultivation, Biologist. Started growing cannabis in 2002, breeding and phenohunting since 2007.
  • Approximately 30 full time employees, including trimming staff.

Describe your business: what do you do aside from the partnership with Curaleaf/Select? How’s it going?

Josh Pritchard: We are a large indoor farm with a significant focus on developing new and unique flavors through constant R&D. We grow flower for our own brand (DELIGHTED) and also white label for other brands. The market has been tough overall, but our R&D is going very well and we’re looking forward to opening a new facility later this year, which will include a nursery.

Why did you choose to partner with Curaleaf/Select?

JP: Knowing the lab crew in Sacramento for years, we’ve been waiting for a chance to work together. After years of operating exclusively as a white label provider, we’ve just launched our flower brand, DELIGHTED, and were very excited to be given the chance to partner with Curaleaf and Select to highlight the new and unique flavors we’re bringing to market. 

What does success for this partnership look like?

JP: For us it’s all about getting more people to learn about and experience the new flavors from our flower menu: Napali Sunrise, Frozen Gushers, and Gas Pie. We have a lot more in the pipeline and look forward to working with Curaleaf and Select to bring in Live Resin carts as well.