Cool kids share plan to save Calif. cannabis

By Alex Halperin
Apr 14, 2022

With the public comment period for the state’s proposed regulatory changes closing on April 19, cannatech company Meadow and its community minded CEO David Hua, convened a series of discussions on what the industry needs from Sacramento. The result can be found here.

Meadow divides its recommendations into two parts: 1) Pain points it wants addressed, and 2) Support for positive changes in the proposal. (“Gain.”)

The pain column includes:     

  • Taxes: The state’s proposal doesn’t address taxes but “we have to call them out… as the single most detrimental (and counter-productive) element of regulated cannabis.”
  • Labor: Amidst a worker shortage, document requests to lower the minimum age for workers at licensed businesses from 21 to 18.
  • Accounting: The document says a state proposal that would require parties engaged in white labeling and similar deals to disclose each other as financial interest holders would be burdensome.
  • Workplace: The Meadow document says a proposal to separate break rooms from storage would lead to many licensees removing their break rooms.

Among the state proposals endorsed in the document:

  • It supports measures to more clearly define financial interest holders and ownership.
  • It also supports being allowed to dispose of Metrc tags after use.
  • The group also endorses ending the prohibition on caffeine as a product additive.

Lots more where those came from.


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