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CHS increasingly common in Colorado

By Alex Halperin
Jul 12, 2021

Cannabis Hyperemesis Syndrome (CHS) which causes intense vomiting and stomach pain in some cannabis users is turning up with more frequency, NBC News reports in a pretty brutal story. 

  • Health care workers have come to call it “scromiting,” a combination of “screaming” and “vomiting.”
  • The ER at Parkview Medical Center in Pueblo saw only five scromiting cases in 2009. By 2018, the number had risen to more than 120, according to data compiled by Dr. Brad Roberts, an emergency room physician at the hospital.
  • “Four Colorado doctors interviewed by NBC News said they’ve also seen an increase in the number of patients with psychiatric issues after consuming powerful marijuana. A 2019 study found that consuming cannabis with THC levels exceeding 10 percent increased the odds of a psychotic episode.

    “Almost every day I see a patient in the ER who is having a psychotic break after taking high-potency THC,” Roberts said.

  • A new Colorado law caps the amount of concentrates MED patients under 21 can buy, but stops short of the potency caps a group of doctors called for. 
  • Truman Bradley, executive director of Colorado’s Marijuana Industry Group, said he supported the new legislation but not potency caps. “I don’t see the correlation between a potency change and kids illegally consuming cannabis,” Bradley said. “It shouldn’t happen, whether it’s 60 percent, 50 percent, 40 percent. The issue is how is it getting there? And I feel like we took a major step to get there.”
  • Banning certain products would feed the illegal market, he said.

The whole piece is worth your time.

NBC News is doing a series this week called Red, White and Green highlighting various aspects of the legalization story.