Calif. cannabiz rallies for tax relief in Sacramento

By Alex Halperin
Jan 13, 2022

Cannabis entrepreneurs gathered at the California state capitol in Sacramento yesterday to call for changes to state laws they say make turning a profit almost impossible for equity businesses and small farmers.

  • “The unfair taxation ends the dream for so many small farms and businesses,” said Casey O’Neill of Happy Day Farms in Mendocino County.
  • Meanwhile, California has a budget surplus of $31B.

Of the many problems California businesses have faced, from burglaries to competition with the illegal market, ralliers called for two concrete goals: 1) Repeal the 15% excise tax for equity retailers; 2) Repeal the cultivation tax statewide.
High Times

  • Both would need to be done by July 1, the state budget deadline.
  • On January 1, the cultivation tax rose 5% to more than $161 per pound. Amid oversupply that can be more than half the going rate for a pound from Humboldt.
  • California businesses are also feeling the supply chain crunch.

Equity group Supernova Women, which organized the rally, has called the policies Drug War 2.0. “This is our cry and plea for help,” executive director Amber Senter said. 

A Change.org petition to end the cultivation tax has gathered more than 6,000 signatures.