Billionaire Charles Koch champions legal weed

By Alex Halperin
Jul 29, 2021
Not interested in joining your sesh. Source: Wikipedia

Libertarian billionaire Charles Koch said he will contribute $25M to towards criminal justice reform and legalization. Koch, who doesn’t consume and says he regrets stoking partisanship while supporting an array of right wing causes — “Boy, did we screw up. What a mess!” — sat down with Forbes to discuss why he supports the movement. 

  • “It should be the individual’s choice,” he said. “[Prohibition] is counterproductive. It ruins people’s lives, creates conflict in society and is anti-progress. The whole thing never made sense to me.”
  • “By criminalizing [cannabis], it has huge negative manifestations, not only for the individuals who get trapped in that system, but for society,” he said. “We want a society that empowers people to realize their potential and contribute, but with these laws you block out millions of people.”
  • His legalization group is the Cannabis Freedom Alliance.
  • Reporter Will Yakowicz suggests, “In a country where hyper-partisanship defines the political landscape, an ideological influencer like Koch might be the key to getting legalization passed.”

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