Biden disappoints cannabiz again

By Alex Halperin
Mar 4, 2022
(Photo by Drew Angerer/Getty Images)

President Biden, who has failed to keep his campaign promise about releasing federal non-violent pot offenders, snubbed legalization again in this week’s state of the union address. 

This week the administration expanded guidelines to potentially deny security clearances to those who have invested in the industry, Politico reports. 

  • Politico: “The [government] presentation noted that any marijuana-related investment “through a diversified mutual fund that is publicly-traded on a U.S. exchange” should be presumed to have been made unwittingly. At the same time, the presentation ended with a warning graphic that states: “NOT KNOWING IS NOT AN EXCUSE.” 
  • The presentation is based on an unclassified Director of National Intelligence memo first reported on by Government Executive
  • Read the memo.
  • Last year the administration fired several employees and rescinded employment offers on account of cannabis use.

Read the Politico story.