Amazon dropping employee pot tests could have “ripple effect”

By Alex Halperin
Jul 19, 2021

Greenspoon Marder attorney Michael Freiman says Amazon’s decision to drop cannabis tests for most employees could have a “ripple effect” as employers seek clarity on how to handle legalization.
HR Dive  

  • Some legal states allow employers to prohibit cannabis use. 
  • Freiman said it will be important for companies to establish clear policies for employee use and recommended contemporaneous documentation of any incidents. 

More on the labor front:

  • MSO Curaleaf violated labor law in Massachusetts by “implicitly” promising certain retail workers improved benefits and better working conditions if they didn’t support unionization, a federal labor judge found. He dismissed other related charges against the company. Curaleaf workers in the state subsequently voted to unionize. The company did not respond to MJBiz‘s request for comment.
  • Podcast CannaBS Detector discussed why it often sucks to work in cannabis.

In other tech news: Instagram keeps deleting cannabis-related  accounts without warning, an ongoing frustration for an industry with limited marketing options:

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