Advocates launch Florida 2022 REC push

By Alex Halperin
Sep 20, 2021

Florida legalization supporters are making another attempt to get REC on the 2022 Florida ballot.

But there’s a catch: The proposed constitutional amendment, which has been approved for signature gathering, would not allow retail sales. 
Marijuana Moment

  • The effort by a group called Regulate Florida comes after a long string of legal hurdles have blocked REC in the state. 
  • Florida’s all-MED market generated $1.2B in 2020 sales, making it the largest MED market and fourth largest overall after California, Colorado and Michigan.
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  • Another more business-friendly group called Make It Legal Florida has said it would make a ballot push in 2022 but hasn’t yet taken action. 
  • Other states which could vote on MED or REC in 2022 include South Dakota, Maryland, New Hampshire, Nebraska, Ohio, Arkansas and Missouri.
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