Seth Rogen is serious about legalization

By Alex Halperin
Aug 9, 2021

Noted potter, comedian and “all day every day” smoker Seth Rogen says it’s time to take legalization seriously:

  • “It really bothers me that people downplay its importance and downplay how meaningful it is to some people’s lives,” says Rogen. “There’s always been lies that have been told to control weed, it’ll make you go crazy, it’ll make you lazy, it’ll do this and do that. Right now, I think the biggest lie is that it’s just not important and there are more important things to be talking about.”
  • “Over the last couple years, I’ve spent as much time working on this company as I have on my films,” says Rogen. “It’s a direct reflection of mine and my partner’s creative sensibilities, and it’s come from a lifetime of putting thought into weed and, and loving weed. It’s as exciting as anything I’ve ever worked on.”
  • He’s not thrilled about being aligned with billionaire Charles Koch on legalization.

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