An arbitrator ordered Vancouver transit authority TransLink to stop randomly drug-screening an employee who tested positive for cannabis.
CBC Vancouver

  • Though the company doesn’t have a policy banning employees from using cannabis after hours and a company doctor concluded he did not have a cannabis use disorder, the employee was forced to take counselling and twice-monthly urine tests.
  • In a 52-page decision, the arbitrator concluded called the treatment “highly intrusive, controlling his daily routine with call-in obligations and demanding he give bodily fluids twice per month.”

Employers say the provinces haven’t done enough to educate them about cannabis in the workplace.
Cannabis Retailer

Quick Hits

  1. In another sign Alberta is dominating post-legalization cannabis, Edmonton city council is studying how to set rules for the country’s first legal cannabis lounges.
    Global News
  2. Manitoba rolled out its “Know My Limits” education campaign for edibles, telling Manitobans to store them safely away from kids, and to “point out the pot” at gatherings so people don’t accidentally consume infused items. The province also plans to ban public edibles consumption.
    Winnipeg Free Press, Victoria Times-Colonist