Rob Menor was raised in Stockton’s Little Manila section. Now he’s taken this talents to the Midwest and blown away Chicago foodies with his Filipino take on cannabis cuisine.

The fusion began in 2015 when Menor, 36, turned a batch of canna-butter into the slightly sweet, cheesy coconut rice-flour cake bibingka before a Raiders game. 
Chicago Reader

  • A co-founder of The People’s Dispensary, Menor has an edibles line, named for the Stockton street he grew up on, called 8th Street Treats. He has applied for two Illinois dispensary licenses. 
  • Menor began cooking after he moved to Illinois at 18 and started working bottom- rung kitchen gigs. After cooking school, he made Filipino street food under the pseudonym Adobo Loko. His reputation grew from working pop-ups, markets and private parties as part of a cross-country pop-up schedule.  
  • “I was just a dishwasher that kept showing up,” he says.

Quick Hit

  1. Freedom Grow Forever is a cadre of women who encourage sending letters and cannabis to inmates imprisoned for possession, among other acts of advocacy.