Analysts say Tilray’s acquisition of Alberta REC retailer Four20 signals a return to focus on the Canadian market.
Yahoo Finance

  • Cowen analyst Vivien Azer cut her 12-month Tilray target from USD$150 to USD$60, though she remained positive about the company and said she believed the stock’s downturn meant it was a good time to buy. Financial Post

Canopy Growth’s investment arm Canopy Rivers said the company has received 1,523 pitches for funding and has chosen to invest in only 18. The company sees a large opportunity in selling US brands in Canada—since these can be legally marketed on the internet in the US, meaning brands available in Canada can receive wide US-based internet marketing campaigns without breaking Health Canada regs.
Yahoo Finance

Canopy’s interim CEO Mark Zekulin did a series of media interviews in the hope of calming public nerves and soothing irate investors who’ve watched Canopy’s stock decline 50% since April.
CNN Business

REC retail giant Fire & Flower keeps growing. This week it acquired eight more (as-yet unlicensed) REC retail locations in Alberta.