The rollout of 2.0 products has occurred even more patchily than last year’s rollout of legal flower and oils. Within five days of the first products arriving in Nova Scotia stores on December 23, initial shipments of edibles, tea-bags, and vape pens were selling out, with gummies and chocolates selling out first. (Don’t worry, reinforcements are on the way.)
Halifax Today, CTV News

To begin with, the 59 new products available in Ontario will primarily be vape pens, as well as a few edibles, and one infused tea-bag. (The Globe‘s Jameson Berkow noted neither Canopy’s Tweed nor Organigram‘s Edison brands had products on Ontario’s list.)
Financial Post, Twitter—Jameson Berkow

Predictably, the cost of legal vape pens is a great deal higher than unregulated vape pens.
Twitter—Travis Lane

  • Legal edibles aren’t cheap either, and they’re capped at 10mg THC per package. That means consumers with a 40mg tolerance would require four 10mg chocolate bars—roughly priced between $7 and $15—to get their desired effects.