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The Society for Human Resource Management’s (SHRM) innovation fund, SHRMLabs, has chosen to invest in, an up-and-coming leader in AI workplace solutions. SHRMLabs is a critical communication channel between leaders of tech, to HR professionals who lead culture and maximize talent across global organizations. SHRMLabs is inspiring innovation by investing in innovative companies to create better workplace technologies that solve today’s most pressing workplace challenges. According to Guillermo Corea, Workplace Innovation Lab & Venture Capital leader, SHRM chose to make one of its largest investments in because “AI has the power to decode and improve workplace interactions and learning in ways never before possible, and has assembled an impressive team and vision to do just that. SHRM Members will benefit through access to cutting edge AI innovations that may be implemented into existing SHRM workplace offerings.”

As one example, SHRM selected to provide a new powerful AI video search experience for SHRM members that will unlock the value of their video content from webcasts to conference presentations and keynotes. SHRM’s video archive will now be fully searchable so that members can quickly find and jump to specific segments or highlights within their video archive. Moreover, members can share clips with others to bring greater visibility to SHRM’s video assets. Nick Schacht, Chief Global Development Officer, believes this will “enhance the value our members receive from on-demand access to important knowledge, and make it easier to share their discoveries with others.”

SHRMLabs joins the ranks of other early investors in such as Sandler Training CEO, Dave Mattson, former Rackspace CEO & Chairman, Graham Weston, and BuiltBar Founder, Nick Greer among others. Mattson shared his decision to invest was based on his trust in CEO & Founder, Paul Allen and the team he assembled. He is betting on their proven track record (Allen previously was CEO & Founder of and their mission to “help humans become better humans”.

SHRM’s support of an AI workplace solutions company like will add to SHRM’s ongoing effort to champion innovation in the workplace, by:

  • Helping personalize the learning experience

  • Enhancing workplace communication and culture

  • Help learning communities feel more connected

  • Revolutionizing the way learning translates into application and eventual mastery

AI has the power to give rapid feedback to employees across all digital communication channels, assist in developing positive habits, and help each employee feel more connected and appreciated in the workplace.

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SHRM is a global organization that empowers members to lead fulfilling workplaces where employees thrive. “HR champions culture, HR maximizes talent, HR accelerates performance and HR optimizes information,” said Nick Schacht, Chief Global Development Officer of SHRM on the AI To Uplift Humanity podcast, produced by

“SHRMLabs is inspiring innovation to create better technologies that solve today’s most pressing workplace challenges by supporting tech innovators and startup companies in the workplace technology industry,” explained Guillermo Corea, managing director of SHRMLabs speaking to SHRM Online. Learn more at and at

About is the latest tech startup from Paul Allen and Clint Carlos. Allen was the founder and CEO of and Carlos is a three-time HR tech founder and former volunteer member of AZSHRM state council. is focused on uplifting humanity through AI. Its AI video platform fulfills that mission by giving frictionless access to learning insights when they’re needed most. “SHRM members who use the AI video platform will feel as if they have perfect recall,” Allen said. “When struggling with a challenging workplace situation or talent issue, an HR executive can search through every parallel experience to get the knowledge they need within seconds. We are thrilled to see how global HR leaders will transform their work cultures to uplift humanity.” Learn more at

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