Shoppers Drug Mart rolled out its MED portal nationwide, after first debuting it in Ontario and Alberta in the spring.
Winnipeg Free Press

  • With more than 1,300 stores, Shoppers is one of the country’s most recognizable brands. Accordingly, some feel the move will help normalize MED.
  • At the same time, of the 1.1M Canadian MED users, 800,000 do so without a prescription or medical supervision. Pharmacists hope bringing MED into Shoppers will encourage self-medicating users to open discussions with medical professionals about drug effects and interactions.
    CBC Nova Scotia

The Medical Cannabis by Shoppers program offers patient resources, online telemedicine MED prescriptions (where allowed—so not in Quebec), and the opportunity to order from 12 different MED LPs. Shoppers outlets do not carry MED.
Radio-Canada—In French

Quick Hits

  1. The University of Alberta partnered with Atlas Biotechnologies to research the effects of MED on MS, Alzheimer’s, and Huntington’s diseases.
    Global News, Folio