Multi-faceted ancillary player KushCo Holdings is suing Ignite, the cannabis company started by playboy Instagram personality Dan Bilzerian.  

  • The October suit, which appears not to have been previously reported, claims Ignite purchased hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of products from KushCo and didn’t pay its bill. As of September 24, 2020, KushCo claims Ignite owes it $586,172.51 and has “failed and refused” to pay. Ignite didn’t respond to requests for comment. KushCo declined to comment. Read the suit here.
  • Ignite has experienced tens of millions in losses and other difficulties. In a lawsuit earlier this year, a former Ignite executive says the company covered expenses associated with Bilzerian’s lavish lifestyle, including the $200,000 rent on his Los Angeles home.
  • At Forbes, Chris Roberts has covered Ignite in-depth, calling it a “consumer-focused brand that doesn’t really seem to sell all that much.”