Federal Conservative leader Andrew Scheer reiterated his party will not recriminalize cannabis if they win the October federal election. (Polls suggest the Conservatives are in the lead to at least win a minority government, if not a majority.)
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  • “We want to make sure the federal government is not just a partner but is leading the way on that as we learn what the ramifications of what legalization will mean for our society going into the future,” Scheer said.

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  1. Cannabis and mental health scholars published an op-ed in the Globe arguing the debate about psychosis and cannabis is built on anecdotes rather than stable data and discounts the variety of other facts known to increase risk of mental illness, like poverty, trauma, abuse, and stress. “By ignoring these important contexts,” the authors argued, “we are framing the onset of mental-health issues as a result of someone’s personal choices, and thereby further perpetuating stigma around these conditions for individuals experiencing psychosis or with schizophrenia.
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  2. Employers and workers can’t agree on what constitutes cannabis impairment, and unions argue some aggressive policies (such as the Transport Canada policy that cabin crews and air-traffic controls not consume cannabis for 28 days before work) constitute a total ban on the substance.
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