The SAFE Banking Act, which sailed through the U.S. House of Representatives in a bi-partisan vote, has triggered a conservative backlash.
NBC, Marijuana Moment

  • Fox News talker Tucker Carlson thinks he knows why the bill passed so easily: “When [lawmakers] mismanage the country this badly, you want the people to be so out of it they don’t respond. That is really true. They want you to be dumb.” (President Trump, a Carlson fan, supports the legislation.)
  • Tony Perkins, head of the Family Research Council, wrote, ” There are probably some conservatives out there who’ve fallen for the libertarian lie that the government can do a better job regulating marijuana and protecting people if it’s legal.”
  • In the Washington Examiner, Colorado Congressman Ken Buck has an editorial on why he voted no.

The conservative who matters to the cannabiz right now is Sen. Banking Committee Chair Mike Crapo (R-Id.) who has expressed openness to banking legislation.

Last week, Politico‘s Zachary Warmbrodt explained how Republicans learned to love a pot bill.