Despite majority support for REC legalization, changing federal cannabis law depends on convincing three key GOP senators: Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (Ky.), Lindsey Graham (S.C.) and Mike Crapo (Id.), Rolling Stone reports.

  • While conservative Senators seem more open to legalization than even in 2017, Democratic lobbyist Saphira Galoob says “We are still in a situation where the temperature within the Republican Party conference — within the leadership — is not yet signaling that it’s OK.”
  • Graham and Crapo are heads of the judiciary and banking committees respectively, the most likely committees to advance standalone cannabis legislation.
  • The banking committee will debate bank access this week.
  • Crapo is from Idaho, one of only three states which doesn’t allow CBD for medical use. Idaho has the country’s second largest Mormon population. The church has staked out a limited pro-MED position but is strongly opposed to REC. (Crapo is a member of the church.)
  • Graham has a C rating from NORML.
  • McConnell fought to legalize hemp, a boon for Kentucky farmers, but has said he will not consider rescheduling cannabis. Some legalization activists think he might go along with a bill which also helps the hemp industry.
  • Last week I asked if McConnell’s buddy, speaker of the house turned cannabis lobbyist John Boehner is good for the weed business.

States including FloridaNew Jersey and Arizona could vote on REC on Election Day in 2020.
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