Abi Roach, founder of popular Toronto vapour lounge the HotBoxannounced this week she is leaving that business, having sold it to neighbouring head shop the Friendly Stranger.

  • interviewed Roach for Leafly as she prepared for two weeks of vacation before beginning her new position.
  • Roach, a frequent critic of the provincial legalization rollout, will put her money where her mouth is as a senior category manager at the Ontario Cannabis Store.
  • Though it’s moved twice, the HotBox has remained on the same block in Toronto’s Kensington Market since it opened in 2000. If you’ve been in Toronto for an industry trade show, there’s a good chance you attended an afterparty there.

The Friendly Stranger morphed from a Queen Street West head shop into Friendly Stranger Holdings, which last summer received $5M in investments Green Acre CapitalVIVO Cannabis, and 48 North, and has announced deals to open REC franchises with six Ontario REC retail lottery winners.

Quick Hits

  1. McMaster University microbiologists showed cannabinoid CBG may fight antibiotic-resistant bacteria.
    The Guardian
  2. Veterans Affairs is considering expanding its coverage of MED products to include 2.0 products legalized last fall. In particular, it may expand its medical-device reimbursements for vaporizers (originally for dry flower) to include vape pens that contain oil.
    CBC PEI, Globe and Mail