The most widely shared REC product reviews are often the outliers–the hilariously (or painfully) bad reviews, or the surprisingly good ones. But most legal REC products are neither very good nor very bad. As LPs try to figure out how to continue improve product quality while staying compliant, consumers have spent the year trying to review the new array of legal products.

Brad “PancakeNap 420” Martin remains the country’s foremost reviewer, with entries both on the GrowthOp and on his own website. He’s been joined by other recognizeable voices like the husband-and-wife review team WhatsMyPot, and new voices like CannabisSensei.

  • Last week WhatsMyPot celebrated smaller, newer reviewers in a Twitter thread. They’re worth following.

Quality remains a huge variable in legal flower, but reviewers represent the front lines of documenting and improving it.

Quick Hits

  1. Researchers at University of Saskatchewan’s College of Agriculture mapped the cannabis genome, with an eye on making crops more resilient.
    Yorkton This Week
  2. There are fewer cannabis nurseries in Canada than you’d think—at the moment, only two companies offer seeds for sale, and one company offers clones (in Newfoundland only). Though there are still fewer than ten, two new nurseries were licensed to produce plants and seeds, which may indicate a move toward providing genetics for home growers.