The Globe interviewed CEOs from four major REC retailers. They reported consumers have “zero brand recognition” and are looking mostly for high-THC flower and convenient prerolls.

It’s a good time to be an Alberta REC retailer, especially after last week’s report that Calgary now has more REC stores than BC, Ontario, and Quebec combined. For everyone else, it’s more of a challenge.
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Vancouver Business Brokers, who broker commercial real estate, listed two REC stores on BC’s real-estate Multiple Listings Service, though it is unclear whether the sites are licensed.

Cannabis NB is set to pay its board members $50,000 for their servicetwice as much as board members receive for sitting on the board of provincial wine and spirits regulator NB Liquor.
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The supply shortage may be over, but many provincial REC websites are having difficulty keeping their products fully stocked.

Regina Police raided four unlicensed dispensaries, charging six. In the process, they also raided a cannabis-education business with a sign on its door noting there was no cannabis inside. Owner Kelly Csada was fined $250 for possessing an illicit MED edible, despite informing police she has a prescription. She believes she has the right under the Supreme Court decision R v Smith 2015, which guaranteed access to non-dried forms of edibles. Expect a lawsuit.
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