CEOs from three outdoor-grow LPs—WeedMD48North, and Aleafia—reflected on their first year of growing outdoors in interviews with the Globe and Mail.
Globe and Mail

  • 48North had the highest production cost per gram at $0.25 compared to WeedMD’s $0.16 and Aleafia’s $0.10.
  • WeedMD CEO Keith Merker noted Health Canada regs make cannabis more labour intensive than other crops.
  • 48North CEO Alison Gordon explained the delay in drying product her company experienced was because they had built the drying space but were waiting on licensing. She added autoflowering plants (which begin flowering after a certain amount of time, regardless of how much sun they have received) had not succeeded.
  • Aleafia CEO Geoff Benic said it was hard to find farm labour for planting and harvesting, though eventually they found help from colleges with cannabis cultivation programs.
  • Benic also discussed the dangers of soil contamination, as well as the importance of making sure there were no nearby hemp farms that could pollinate REC and MED fields.

Aleafia completed a $7.1M agreement to sell 2,840 kg of dry flower to an unnamed Canadian LP (at a price per gram of $2.50).
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  1. McGill University (alma mater to both me and WeedWeek founder Alex Halperin!) will launch a one year Diploma in Commercial Cannabis with $24,000 tuition, significantly greater than the $4,430 tuition McGill charges Quebec residents for a year of graduate school, though less than their two-year MBA, which costs $83,273.
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