An eight minute recording which appeared on social media several weeks ago has led to an investigation and the ouster of senior management and the entire board of directors at Great Northern Cannabis, one of Alaska’s largest REC companies.

Anchorage Daily News:

“In the recording, Jordan Huss, formerly the vice president of Great Northern Cannabis and the company’s top shareholder, acknowledges switching out samples so that 100 pounds of marijuana would be able to be sold without undergoing the required testing for mold.

“Huss said management in the company was adamant that marijuana still be sold, although the former CEO and the former vice president of the company dispute that claim.

“I was instructed to use different samples so that we would ensure that that cannabis batch would test clean,” Huss said on the recording. “I did that under orders by my management.

“That hundred pounds of cannabis sold.”

Huss says he believes the recording was made illegally and is pursuing recourse.

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