Following a dip in January ($54M) and February ($49M) during the supply shortage, legal REC sales continued increasing. In June ($85M) they eclipsed May ($79M) and April ($67M), the two most successful months previous.

  • Ontario led in REC retail sales with $25.8M ($1.80 per capita), followed by Quebec with $18.5M ($2.20 PC) and Alberta with $18.3M ($4.24 PC). The legacy market remains strong in BC, which spent only $4.1M ($0.82 PC) on legal REC.
  • More than 9,000 Canadians work in the sector, compared with 2,630 in fiscal 2018 and 1,438 in fiscal 2017. Bloomberg

Quick Hits

  1. It’s unclear whom you can complain to if you’re sold an empty container of REC. Leafly

  2. If you’ve only just now decided to open a REC store, you’re probably going to need to do a lot more than read this how-to guide from Maclean’s.