Statistics Canada revealed Canadians bought $100M in legal REC in July, the most they’ve spent to date—up 14.3% from June’s $91M in revenues. (And exceeding October and November 2018 sales combined.)

  • Canadians have spent $686.4M on legal REC since legalization.
    Twitter—David George-Cosh
  • July’s sales jumped the most in BC (34.1%) and Northwest Territories (23.5%), while sales remained closer to stable in the Yukon (1.4%), Saskatchewan (1.7%), and Nova Scotia (5.3%).
    Twitter—David George-Cosh
  • Though BC’s sales increased, they remained the lowest per capita of any province, due not only to a slow REC retail rollout, but also to the province’s longstanding legacy market.
    Globe and Mail

Cannabis sales are growing, but they’re nowhere near other common goods. Over the Q1 2019 period, retailers sold $167M in legal REC while alcohol sellers sold $5.6B worth of booze. Yard and gardening equipment: $247M in the same period; while cut-flowers and houseplants: $330M; costume jewelry $171M.